Hasan B. Coskun
Chairman & Enterpreneur
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UBB Consulting Company, was established  in the capital of Qatar Doha in 1999 to provide consulting services to the companies which will invest and settle in GCC Countries Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

UBB ,aiming to provide high level and professional consultancy services to the companies which lose money and time by following incompetent, money oriented brokers that are lack of academic career approach; and to target growth with our client, has showed a great progress and reached a significant number of customer portfolio.


In response to the demands from the clients, we have expanded our field of activity including China in 2001 and Hong Kong in 2002.


UBB ,establishing companies for investors, keeping their economic assets %100 secure with law based instruments, has been continuing providing consulting services.


UBB ,differently from its rivals, undertakes main activity supportive missions such as legal consultancy, accounting service, chancellery, human resources, etc.  to the clients regularly consultancy provided.


Thus, UBB helps clients both to focus on sales, technical subjects on their main activity   and eliminate the need of staff employment related with its scope of work. UBB helps the clients in saving money with qualified and proffesional service; and charge the fee from the money they save.


In this way, instead of creating extra expenses connected to provided services and existence, UBB positively contributes the party’s both cost/benefit ratio and profit.


On the other hand, UBB informs new clients which are lack of experience and knowlege within the framework of own research and experience; and provides extra savings, speed with positive cooperation.


In addition, UBB offers periodically updated country reports indicating legal changes, new trends, notes without any additional charge in the use of clients. UBB also prevents possible mistakes and damages by preparing academic and accurate market and competitor reports, price analysis, feasibility studies, agreements.


Moreover, UBB offers turnkey services on incentives, supports, government incentives to the clients in their own country and/or in the countries they are eager to settle; thereby, a significant portion of the costs incurred by the investors are provided back as an additional cash return.